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About Us

ADAMARIS FOUNDATION currently registered in Ghana, Canada, United States of America and in the process of registering in the United Kingdom and Germany.  It is established with a specific purpose to pursue social solidarity activities at national and international level, promoting equality and accessibility, improving the quality of life whilst preventing cultural adversity.  Pursuing environmental and social developments in the region without partiality or discriminating against gender, race, language, religion, political, personal and social opinions or affiliations.

​The Foundation seeks to address problems and/or crisis in Communities with respect to these four basic rights: EDUCATION, HEALTH, EMPLOYMENT and SOCIAL ASSISTANCE.  The Foundation will continue to carry out activities such as, without limitations, charitable activities, granting free disbursements of funds deriving from donations from our donor partners to promote personal and family developments, encouraging entrepreneurship, develop programs by training and creating jobs, whilst providing family support programs, sanitary assistance, social assistance, promoting cultural, art and sports, protecting artistic and historical interest, promoting nature, environmental and scientific research of social interest and other social projects, etc.

The Foundation may carry out activities other than those set out above without limitation:

  1. setting up, constructing schools (elementary to universities), managing and supervising educational initiatives, museums and libraries intended for the dissemination of knowledge for the underdeveloped areas; awareness of different cultures and different religions; knowledge of the work of missionaries and the issues relating thereto whilst at the same time addressing the need for specialization schools;
  1. Setting up, constructing hospital (both General and clinics), managing and supervising medical initiatives, partnering with established organizations such as Red cross, UNICEF, Doctors without Borders etc. to deliver medical needs to the underprivileged whilst promoting organ and blood donations etc, providing health training, educating the underprivileged in the rural and farming communities to prevent and eventually eliminate disease outbreaks.
  1. defining and financing direct and/or indirect research initiatives, through professional operators and/or affiliates or using Institutional, Entities specialized in the sectors applicable, addressing among other things, without limitation, medicinal research (e.g. Cancer, Diabetes, Malaria and cholera prevention, etc. to name a few) and psychiatric challenges, environmental protection, agricultural and forestry, energy, water protection, etc.
  1. Setting up and financing social assistance programs to help all individuals, in every aspect of their earthly life – from birth to death – paying a particular attention to;
  • The various types of abuse in families and/or society, it be sexual abuse, physical or mental abuse, alienation and/or stigmatization due to ailments and/or cultural delusions.
  • the senior citizens, veterans of the security forces, widows and widowers, orphans and the families of the fallen service men and women receiving little or no assistance.
  • Addressing and educating on issues of injustice in the work place, it be inadequate compensation, sexual harassment, unsafe working environments, etc.
  • Addressing and educating on issues of cultural adversities and/or delusions.
  1. Collecting and/or managing funds indented for a direct or indirect uses for various interventions, structures and services for the purpose of maximizing the concept of global operating Network; promoting and implementing every form of stable cooperation and integration with all projects, seeking partnerships with public and private entities participating and cooperating in programs design to advance cultural and social growth freely benefiting the communities at large.
  2. promoting cultural exchanges, locally and internationally to obtain official partnerships with Public and/or private Institutions, organizing exhibitions, conventions, shows, concerts or events in general promoting the Foundation’s image and activity;
  3. carrying out, on an ancillary basis to the pursuit of institutional purposes, marketing activities, also with reference to the editorial sector, within the limits of the regulations in force, and of audio-visuals in general and to that of advertising ancillary articles;
  1. administering and managing own, leased, or otherwise possessed or held assets;
  1. Entering into every appropriate agreement to finance approved projects which are considered appropriate and useful to achieve the Foundation purposes.
  1. Setting up internal study groups, comprised of professionals sectors, for the purpose of studying and preparing operations and projects to be submitted to the Foundation Managing Bodies.
  1. Carrying out every other activity suitable or in support of institutional purposes and more specifically the Foundation may carry out all activities connected with or supplemental

The Foundation will be governed by and will carry out its activity in accordance with and observance of the provisions set out in the Constitution.

To Noble and gracefully labor  to be a blessing, transforming Lives and Communities, providing now and the future generation a productive future and eternal hope by drawing on the resources in the country, philanthropist and donors to effectively provide change and maintenance that directly impact and improve health and wellness of families and community as a whole

To create, find and support programs that prevent and alleviate human sufferings by mobilizing experts, volunteers, resources and ensuring limitless access to healthcare, drinkable water, nourishment’s, shelters and education combating the rate of preventable lost of lives both in the young and the aged.

A world where possibilities, opportunities and dreams are equally realized and accessible to all.