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With the changing global scenario led by rapid economic growth in the Africa countries, Ghana’s economic and bilateral relations with other countries have witnessed new directions. Ghana’s growth require a knowledge-rich in various sectors such as agriculture, food processing, rural livelihood generation, social sector programs, rural development, skill development and many more.

The agriculture sector in Africa is expected to grow to US$ 1 trillion by 2030 from US$ 280 billion in 2014. This can only happen with growth largely dependent on technology. There is significant scope for the farm sector in Ghana and other African countries to benefit, as well as co-operation on solutions for common challenges. For example, research has proven that Africa can be a key sourcing destination for pulses, a major source of protein in the diet of the Indian population and some part of Asia, especially as the demand for pulses is expected to increase as the countries develops. The biggest challenge anticipated for Ghana or Africa and other parts of the world is the gap in food demand and supply, Knowledge, such as small farm mechanization and investment in agriculture has the potential to exponentially boost production.

With Ghana enjoying young populations and abundant natural resources, good connectivity and strong ties, the community and the country as a whole can progress on our development journey. Ghana have experienced some growth in recent years, including in social and physical infrastructure, ADAMARIS interest in the community support programs include agriculture and reforestation, seeds development, infrastructure, education and skill development, healthcare, manufacturing and amongst others ADAMARIS is looking to partner with expert organizations to establish in the communities, a form of greenfield and brownfield expansions, tele- medicine centers to attract medical tourism, etc. ADAMARIS seeks to generating employment by transferring technology and building local investments to help boost the communities which in turn will exponentially boost Ghana’s economy.
We need your help, our generous philanthropist to make this happen.