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Education in the 21st century is a necessary tool needed by and for everyone for self-development and empowerment whether through schooling or other form of training in a particular skill or profession which must be accessible to all.

Children across the country Ghana in the cities, towns and villages are encouraged by their parents to have the burning desire to be educated but more often than not, due to lack of employment for the parents or any form of income, they are left to their fate, gathering in dilapidated structures and/or gathering under trees to cash in on whatever knowledge can be impacted to them with little or no learning materials, lacking common things such as pencil, pen, books, rulers and erasers that some (the few) take for granted.

One of ADAMARIS key components is to ensure adequate education and/or training for all, helping to make available the training infrastructures and learning materials to every child, young and old, man or woman, creating jobs by promoting entrepreneurship.
Join us and find out more about how you or your ward can greatly benefit.