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Employment is also another key to a social growth which has proven to be a problem in Ghana over the past years. Series of news reports on radio and television, articles in the various newspapers daily focused on a high rate of unemployed graduates in the country yet there are many opportunities and gaps which can be filled to alleviate unemployment through entrepreneurship.

For any community to thrive, one must answer these three key questions: One, “Is there a product or services that one can foresee to produce or provide?” Two, “Is there the needed training and/or qualification to provide these needs?” and Three, “Can one identify his/her potential and/or specialty which he/she can use to solve these societal problems foreseen?” in turn creating employment for him/herself and employing others.

ADAMARIS wishes to implement workable solutions by modeling after functional solutions executed in other countries through research and development, banking on knowledge base of these graduates and providing the additional need training, skills and resources such as funding and technology to create employment through entrepreneurship.